EasyUC Modules

Provisioning and helpdesk

The EasyUC module for provisioning is the basis of EasyUC. It provides all the functions to manage the Cisco UC environment. Feel free to take a look at Feateures, which can save you 1st level of your business time and money anyway.
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End User Portal

The EasyUC Enduser module allows end users to manage their own phones in your system, as well as their voicemails. Also, users can manage their groups themselves, so that the helpdesk can be relieved. Feel free to take a look at the features.
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With the CURRI module you can resolve incoming calls so that all phones of a user show the same name. Create a MetaDirectory from LDAP, SQL and CSV. Block calls or play a sound file before the call is answered.
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EasyUC Editions

Customer Edition

This Edition will be used by Customers which want to use all features EasyUC provide.

Service Provider Edition

Service Provider who manage there customers via EasyUC. Connect all customers to a single EasyUC Instance. Pay as you use.

System Engineer Edition / Single User License

System Enginners can install this Edition on there Laptop as local VM and can you EasyUC for all there customers. Only the Engineer can use EasyUC.

EasyUC prices

EasyUC Provisioning

3,6 per year / per user
Basic license

EasyUC End User

1,2 per year / per user


1,2 per year / per user

Test EasyUC - 100% Independent

EasyUC Portal Access

Create an account for the EasyUC portal, download the latest EasyUC software and create a demo license on your own, without having to contact us for testing.

Demo license

Get a 1 month trial license with all features unlocked for your EasyUC instance. If you need more, please contact us.

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